Google Plus

Using Google+ is the foundation of good SEO.
When someone "Googles" certain keywords, you want them to find your site on the first page of the query. New websites get overlooked by the search "spiders" so the typical waiting period can be up to six months before you see search engine rankings.

With my social media marketing system and targeted hash tag use, we by-pass the long waiting period and use social media posts to direct traffic to the new websites URL. Within days, sometimes even minutes, you can see your posts appearing on the first page of search queries. Now people can find you and engage in the use of your products and/or services.

Google Blogger

Google Blogger helps you provide rich content.
Search engines are always looking for the newest and most relevant posts and/or websites to tell it's searchers about. Using Blogger daily, not only keeps you integrated into the Google network, but it continuously creates new and fresh content for the search engine spiders to crawl.

Another great feature of using Google Blogger is the social media share icons. Not only is it easy for your website visitors to share to their social media, YOU can share easily to yours. Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more can increase your exposure without having to create a new post for every social media site.


Twitter can help you reach thousands fast!
Business owners tend to overlook Twitter not realizing the elite power of the hash tag. With millions of users worldwide, this platform is a must for any business new or old. Tweeting and re-tweeting gets your message out to thousands and can help you with your search engine queries too.

Earlier in 2015, Google and Twitter came to a partnership deal. Tweets (using hash tags) would start appearing in Google searches by sometime mid 2015. Using the hash tags, tweets and re-tweets along with a third party website, we can spread the word about your business globally and quickly.

Facebook & Others

Facebook isn't necessary but it's an added bonus. Unless you are prepared to spend some money and have a budget, Facebook is virtually useless in promoting your business. Sure, you can post publically and to your friends, but you really never reach the kind of numbers you are looking for. Don't leave it out, but don't bank on it either.

I like to tailor your social media marketing to your needs. Perhaps you are a musician and need Soundcloud and YouTube. Maybe you are targeting a younger market so Instagram and Tumbler are needed. We sit down, take a close look at your business needs and then target the social media that matters most to you and your clients.